What is it

I Bury the Gods is a tabletop game that lets you use any miniatures or toy soldiers that you have on hand. Its rules are simple and consistent, so you can start playing without spending too much time on the rulebook. The book includes rules for campaign play, which will see your soldiers gain experience and grow more powerful over time.

I designed this game for a fantasy setting (which is included in the book), but, with a bit of fiddling, you can use the rules for other types of worlds too.

Apart from the I Bury the Gods book, which you can buy on this site, you’ll also need the following few things:

  • A handful of six-sided dice
  • A couple of sheets of paper
  • A ruler or a stick cut down to 10 cm for convenience
  • A dozen or so miniatures
  • Some pieces of terrain

A game of I Bury the Gods usually takes around 30 minutes to finish.

The book is currently 44 pages long, of which fourteen or so are dedicated to the setting. You can see some sample pages below:

front cover preview


contents preview


Here is an excerpt to give you an idea of the game’s setting:

Life in its myriad shapes spreads across the multiverse. Bound by the laws of its own world, it is a rare creature that will journey into another. A demon among the natives, it may attempt to subvert its surroundings to better fit its kin.

Several factions of demons seek to expand into this world. They have established native followings—cults—using dreams and visions to communicate with their disciples. Entire religions now demand the worship of some demonic patron, often to the exclusion of others.

Many of the cults possess enough influence to practice their rituals with impunity. Their goals, however, put them at odds with one another. A balance of sorts ensues, as the cults keep each other in check to prevent a rival demon’s rise to power.

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The document includes all of the basic rules, as well as enough special rules to play a game with sample companies of soldiers.

You can also see the game played in a series of videos posted by Steepled Hat Studios on YouTube.

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Buy the game

I Bury the Gods is available for purchase in PDF format. It costs $15. For every copy sold, $3 will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation of Australia.

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Your support means I can continue working on the game and entitles you to all future updates to the book that you buy.

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Contact me

If you’d like to get in touch, send an email to hello@chumak.io.

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